Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What to put on the walls?

Hmmm, so I'm redecorating with things I already own.  I was mildly inspired by the new Missoni collection at Target which hit the stores yesterday, but by the time I got there... it was sold out!  They had a few skirts and some children's clothes, 2 bedding sets and.... that's it!!!  I wanted to see some throw pillows, the round bathroom rug and trays.  So, nevermind.  I'm back to rearranging what I have and there's a big push to get some stuff on the walls.
Pegs with shelves - emmasblogg

Simple images in a great arrangement - wall geeks

Classic black framed artwork - domsticease

Love the clips on the wall - skona hem

Vintage phones - Hello Crosby Street Hotel

Metal wall urchins - Pieces inc
Round shelves - hardware decor

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  1. I totally loved all the walls.. you've featured here.. Do have a look at home I put up frames in the living room.. :-)