Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ted Muehling - would a love letter be a bit much???

Everyone has a design crush and for me it's Ted Muehling.  His candlesticks make me weak in the knees.  One day my ship is gonna come in and I'm buying a bunch of them!  So, you know, never. 
I need to explain a lot more.  It all started several years ago when I was shopping with my friends on Charles Street in Boston.  By chance we just glanced into the window of a little shop called E.R. Butler and thought... never heard of it... sure... we'll go in.  So we pressed the buzzer.... they looked us over... we didn't appear to be packin' heat... they let us in.  In the words of Julia Roberts... "Big Mistake.  Huge."  I took a few short steps and stopped in my tracks.  In the middle of the room was a gigantic table.  And in the middle of the gigantic table was an ensemble of candlesticks.  Elegant, lovely, striking.  There must have been 30 of them.  It was an assortment of the classic Ted Muehling candlesticks in his oh-so-recognizable Egg and Dart design.  I started asking questions and the rest is a blur.  I left clutching a brochure.

I seem to spot the candlesticks everywhere.  Did you see them in the movie "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.  No?  Clearly you weren't paying attention - they were on the fireplace.  I smacked my girlfriend's arm and whispered "Ted Muehling".  Meryl's a smart woman, I bet she got to keep 'hem after they were done filming.  (Meryl, call me!)

There are 19 different shapes in the Egg and Dart Collection designed for ER Butler.  They come in oxidized bronze, silver and gold plated.  I click my heels every day and whisper "There's nothing like egg shapes in silver, there's nothing like egg shapes in silver" but so far, nothing has happened.
  "Yoohoo.... um, Ted?  It's me, Terri."

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