Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New twist on wall arrangements

Well, I finally got rid of the monster desk in the family room.  It was enormous and there was a giant cabinet sitting on top.... Long story short, it took up the whole wall.  Now I have a campaign style desk (which I love *squeal*) and a big blank wall.  Here are my latest ideas to fill the space:

Clocks - and these are great!  George Nelson

Fun - but what is it?  A wild boar?  Skona Hem

Similar frames filled with wallpaper.  Harlequin UK

Note the black painted frame behind everything!  unknown

Love the Parcheesi board!  Apartment Therapy

A wall of mirrors.  I could do this now, my house is like Versailles.  Apartment Therapy

I love silhouettes, especially in the kitchen!  Pamplemousse

I've been crazy about the antler trend!  Skona Hem

I wouldn't really do this... but... wow!  Homes Result

I like the combination of framed work and 3 dimensional objects.  Frank Roop


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