Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween decor at A Shore Thing

Every now and then I experience the great thrill of walking into a retail space and getting the urge to pull out my camera.  They just seem to get it right.  Everything from unique and sharp merchandise to a magnificent display style.  My dear friend, Laura, took me one of these places... a fabulous, creative new shop in Newburyport, Massachusetts.   A Shore Thing at 1 Titcomb Street was a feast for the eyes and I finally just had to ask if I could whip out a camera.  That's when we met the most delightful shop owner.  Ever.  Melissa Sievert was in the shop that day and with her business partner, Carol Gautreau Bent, they've created a shop to see!  We ooh'd and aah'd over everything which is currently all done up for Halloween.  I can't wait to see what they do for Christmas.  They had so many great ideas for decorating your own space and lots of treats that would make perfect gifts.  My cell phone pictures don't do them justice... I have to go back.

A plant stand used to elevate smaller pumpkins

Orange crinkle paper under a glass cloche

Tree branches on the ceiling with hanging paper lanterns

Bat garland in triple swags
Gourds inside a display case

A wire crown over a plate as a cloche

Birds on top of pumpkins on top of a plant stand of top of a table - Great height!

These ceramic vases in white were spectacular.  Decorated on the inside they illuminated the image with a candle inside.

Deer heads on the wall are all the rage!  This one is made out of twigs.
Tunkables - so clever!

Urns and pumpkins

What's your pumpkin going to be for Halloween???

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  1. Wow, this place looks like a lot of fun. So many creative displays. Thanks for sharing it.