Friday, October 15, 2010

Graham Brown Wallpapers all about drama

I wish I had a picture of the powder room my mother wallpapered in 1977.  We were living in Acton, Massachusetts and she was thrilled to bits when she found a bright green fern pattern.  Since the half bath was super tiny, and the wild ferns were super enormous, it was like walking into a jungle.  Or a green crime scene.  I think she covered the ceiling.  Don't get me wrong... in 1977, it was funky and fabulous.  I think wallpaper sort of fell out of decorator favor for awhile... but boy, is it back and bigger than ever.  Take a look here at Graham Brown wallpapers.  They are hip and chic and oh so inspirational.  Even the website is divine!   They also happen to have the Exclusive Amy Butler Wallpaper Collection.  I'm in!


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