Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hands on hips

Don't you think this design is perfect for me?  My children do.  They call me the squirrel.  Because I make handmade needle felted acorns, I am forever searching for another magnificent oak tree that produces acorns that are just the size and shape I need.  Some trees offer up a cap that's too small, too wide, too rough, too, too, too!  So if I find a tree I like, I hang around.  A lot.

But then there's the issue with the squirrels.  Some squirrels delicately remove the nut, leaving me a perfectly intact cap.  Other furry terrorists rip 'em apart all willy nilly and bite big chunks out of the cap.  I stand there, with hands on hips, glaring at the squirrels and threatening to get a cat.  Then the big yellow school bus comes and my children (plus a few others) look at me with a stupefied stare.  I've offered the squirrels a training seminar, we're in negotiations.  I'm going to ignore the bus thing.

The image... that's from Iomoi and, boy, do they have some beautiful stuff.

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