Monday, October 11, 2010

What are you going to be for Halloween???

Every year my neighborhood has a couple of great traditions to celebrate Halloween.  Our favorite has to the be the "boo".  One night in October, you'll be sitting down to dinner when the doorbell rings.  In my house, the gig is up...  my kids knock their chairs over to race to the front door, throw it open and try to catch the person running pell mell across the front yard to jump into an awaiting vehicle.  It's not a ding-dong-ditch.... it's a reverse tricker treater!!!  The child running with the adrenaline rush has just left us a package of Halloween candy - often beautifully decorated - and a note.  The note tells us that we've been "boo'd" and we now need to do the same for 2 other families.  No problem, my kids have plotting this for months.

Under cover of darkness, my children strategize... and plot out the perfect target.  A house that has an easy get-away, young kids, and a working doorbell.  Imagine our disappointment the year the house we hit had a broken doorbell.   Anyway, I have to change the settings in my get-away mini-van so the lights don't turn on the minute we open the doors to get in.  Again, a lesson learned from a prior year.  Sometimes we don't even run far, we hide in the woods and watch as the whole family comes to the door and we listen while they speculate... it was a boy, a girl, I saw blonde hair, who's car is that, etc... 

Our other tradition is a party the hour or two before trick or treating begins.  And last year, I saw some great shoes.  What are your traditions???

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